Jumping shows

Jumping Shows

Unaffiliated Show Jumping 2018

2 September 14 October 4 November 16 December

Starting at 9.30 – Classes 45cm – 95cm – clear round jumping at each height between classes (Time permitting)

We also run Mini One Day Events  Next Event –   16 September 2018

Combined dressage, show jumping and cross country style competition.  Eventers Challenge  involving the jumping sections only (all in the arena)  Scored as a One Day Event with an optimum time set for the jumping.  Dressage classes to be held on grass. You may carry your jumping score from the Mini One Day event into the Eventers Challenge for an extra £5. (You can not enter both separately and jump the same height twice).  Please pre enter—Times will be allocated and displayed on the Dressage Page  the Thursday evening prior to the competition


Chiltern & Thames Rider
Chiltern & Thames Rider
Class 145 CMOpen to any combinations—designed for beginners. Split Horse / Pony. Combinations in this class are not eligible to enter classes 4-6
Class 255 CMCombinations not to have won any jumping competitions 80cm or over. Riders not eligible for classes 6/7
Chiltern & Thames Rider Qualifier
Class 365 CMHorse/Pony Not to have any BSJA money
65 CMChiltern & Thames Rider Qualifier
Class 475 CMHorses/ponies not to have more than £50 BSJA
Chiltern & Thames Rider Qualifier
Class 585 CMOpen to all
Chiltern & Thames Rider Qualifier
Class 695 CMOpen to all
Class 1MinimusBD Intro B Arena Jumps set at 55cm
£20Mini One Day EventTo carry your arena score into class 2 enter classes 1&2 and add £5
Class 2Minimus Arena jumps set at 55cm
£10Eventers Challenge
Class 3Novice BD Prelim 1 Arena jumps set at 65cm
£20Mini One Day EventTo carry your arena score into class 4 enter classes 3&4 and add £5
Class 4Novice Arena XC set at 65 cm
£10Eventers Challenge
Class 5Intermediate BD Prelim 18 - Arena jumps set 75cm
£20Mini One Day EventTo carry your arena score into class 6 enter classes 5&6 and add £5
Class 6Intermediate Arena XC set at 75 cm
£10Eventers Challenge
Class 7 Open BD Novice 27 Arena Jumps set at 85cm
£20Mini One Day EventTo carry your arena score into class 8 enter classes 7&8 and add £5
Class 8Open Arena XC set at 85 cm
£10Eventers Challenge