Dressage shows

Dressage Shows



You DO NOT have to be a BD Club Quest participant to enter – any test may be entered as an Individual Rider

Please use date of show and rider surname as a reference when making a bank transfer.

Start times displayed at the bottom of this page Thursday Evening (8pm ish) prior to show.


14 Apr 19 / 12 May 19 / 23 Jun 19 / 21 Jly 19 / 18 Aug 19

Entry Fees

Individual Rider – £12 per test
BD Team / My Quest  £15 per test

Please state if you are a Junior for our league purposes – (UNDER 16 on 1.1.19)

British Dressage


14 Apr 1912 May 1923 Jun 1921 Jly 1918 Aug 19
Class 1Team Q U21Intro BIntro CIntro AIntro BIntro C
Class 2Team Quest OpenIntro BIntro CIntro AIntro BIntro C
Class 3My Quest U21Intro AIntro BIntro CIntro AIntro B
Class 4My Quest OpenIntro AIntro BIntro CIntro AIntro B
Class 5Team Quest U21Prelim 1Prelim 2Prelim 7Prelim 12Prelim 1
Class 6Team Quest OpenPrelim 1Prelim 2Prelim 7Prelim 12Prelim 1
Class 7My Quest U21Prelim 12Prelim 13Prelim 14Prelim 18Prelim 12
Class 8My Quest OpenPrelim 12Prelim 13Prelim 14Prelim 18Prelim 12
Class 9Team Quest U21Novice 27Novice 28Novice 24Novice 27Novice 28
Class 10Team Quest OpenNovice 27Novice 28Novice 24Novice 27Novice 28
Class 11My Quest U21Novice 24Novice 27Novice 28Novice 30Novice 34
Class 12My Quest OpenNovice 24Novice 27Novice 28Novice 30Novice 34
Class 13OpenElem 42Elem 44Elem 44Elem 42Elem 44
Class 14OpenElem 49Elem 50Elem 49Elem 50Elem 49

Unaffiliated Dressage

  • All Unaffiliated tests are current British Dressage tests.
  • Club Quest eligibility is in set in the BD handbook 2019
  • All Classes will be placed overall and Split
    • Junior (UNDER 16 on 1st January 2019) This is for our League
    • Open
  • Unaffiliated tests £12 per test (this includes automatic entry into the HPF 2019 Dressage league).
  • BD Club Quest (Team Quest / My Quest)  tests £15 per test.
  • If ENTERING ON LINE  please use date of show and rider name as reference for bank transfer payments.
  • For Postal entries please enclose cheques payable to HPFRC and allow 2 extra days
  • To be Judged/Scored in accordance British Dressage Rules.


START TIMES Sunday 14 April 2019

Prelim 1 / Novice 27 / Elementary 44 / 49 in the Outdoor Arena




NoRiderHorseIntro BIntro APrelim 1Prelim 12Novice 27Novice 24Ele 42Ele 49
124Alderton GraceCeineywddfach Rhosyn12.1712.50
109Bates TerriPicanini Runako12.04
122Brockbank LeanneWoodview Lady Luck12.3013.03
114Broom RachaelShovern Icloud10.4811.42
108Burt NicholaTexas III11.45
147Callison PhoebeBallyclough Judy15.45
106Casey KirstyMaryville Shutterthal 13.5514.27
149Childs MaizyDell Boy9.48
136Clayson JuliaViolet12.1212.43
156Cooper DarcySD Lady in Waiting12.1813.09
121Corpe EllieLady13.16
142Corpe EllieOzzie14.21
125Corpe RubyLady13.48
143Corpe RubyOzzie14.47
107Duffield HelenTexas III9.54
135Foster EmilyBryn10.2411.18
134Foster LibbyBryn10.4211.36
133French LucyFairview Starry Sky12.37
112Galloway TillyToberpatrick Larry11.58
120Gladley-Bowers KatieNumber Two Van Overis Z13.35
141Gladley-Bowers KatieGypsy15.06
150Greatorex AlexMax Lieberman14.40
153Hart AprilBoolagh Stormy Night12.56
139Hawkins AlexandraCastle Knock Jimmy15.32
140Hawkins AlexandraLoren 3rd16.05
154Holly MajorMikey13.55
129Hooper ShelleyDolly Good Retto12.50
145Hughes NiaConnie14.40
146Kelso BethanyCappamore Silver Wisp10.3011.24
132Leyland LydiaHigh Southside Limits13.3514.34
117Mangan EmmaPrincess Taz10.5411.48
116Mangan JamieMr Blue10.3611.30
151Morris SusannaStitch14.59
137Moss VictoriaHairy Harry10.1811.12
138Moss VictoriaBertie12.2412.5613.16
126Norris EmilyRupert XVI9.36
103Norton SusanMowgli12.0012.30
115Parker JoAuke Fan Leons14.2714.47
110Pohl ImogenArdlonan Lad13.2215.58
111Pohl ImogenBallingowan Chiara14.3415.25
128Rayner HeatherRio XI13.4214.14
131Rayner HeatherKrafty Boy Clover13.09
119Rogers LisaObi-Dazzled12.11
127Salmon MichelleHadoura ZB11.5412.24
155Scott AnnetteDutch Clogs Vicaro14.1415.06
148Scowen KirstyOliver9.30
104Sheeley CamillaHong Kong Ferraria14.0115.38
102Sladden DakotaLlyn Owen12.0612.37
123Smith AbigailMagical Maisie Moo11.51
113Springett JulieMae13.2214.01
101Terry RebeccaRS Fellege Daisy13.2914.08
105Turner CameronMaryville Shutterthal 10.00
152Tyler KatieDream13.0313.29
118Venner ClaireVinnie9.42
130Wills VickiTerrisc Glory11.38
144Wren LaurenCameo11.0011.32