Dressage shows

Dressage Shows



You DO NOT have to be a BD Club Quest participant to enter – any test may be entered as an Individual Rider

Please use date of show and rider surname as a reference when making a bank transfer.

Start times displayed at the bottom of this page Thursday Evening (8pm ish) prior to show.


23 Jun 19 / 21 Jly 19 / 18 Aug 19

Entry Fees

Individual Rider – £12 per test
BD Team / My Quest  £15 per test

Please state if you are a Junior for our league purposes – (UNDER 16 on 1.1.19)

British Dressage


21 July 1918 Aug 19
Class 1Team Q U21Intro BIntro C
Class 2Team Quest OpenIntro BIntro C
Class 3My Quest U21Intro AIntro B
Class 4My Quest OpenIntro AIntro B
Class 5Team Quest U21Prelim 12Prelim 1
Class 6Team Quest OpenPrelim 12Prelim 1
Class 7My Quest U21Prelim 18Prelim 12
Class 8My Quest OpenPrelim 18Prelim 12
Class 9Team Quest U21Novice 27Novice 28
Class 10Team Quest OpenNovice 27Novice 28
Class 11My Quest U21Novice 30Novice 34
Class 12My Quest OpenNovice 30Novice 34
Class 13OpenElem 42Elem 44
Class 14OpenElem 50Elem 49

Unaffiliated Dressage

  • All Unaffiliated tests are current British Dressage tests.
  • Club Quest eligibility is in set in the BD handbook 2019
  • All Classes will be placed overall and Split
    • Junior (UNDER 16 on 1st January 2019) This is for our League
    • Open
  • Unaffiliated tests £12 per test (this includes automatic entry into the HPF 2019 Dressage league).
  • BD Club Quest (Team Quest / My Quest)  tests £15 per test.
  • If ENTERING ON LINE  please use date of show and rider name as reference for bank transfer payments.
  • For Postal entries please enclose cheques payable to HPFRC and allow 2 extra days
  • To be Judged/Scored in accordance British Dressage Rules.


START TIMES Sunday 18th August 2019

Prelim 1 and Novice 28 will be in the Outdoor Arena





NoRiderHorseIntro CIntro BPrelim 1Prelim 12Novice 28Novice 34E44M71
136Alderton GraceMagical Maisie Moo12.43
141Alderton GraceSlay Pitts Kizzy11.19
104Bhopal MichelleTizanne13.22
105Bowyer PamAlvescot Maximum Power13.29
117Brent-Isherwood PhillipaSundancer III11.4812.17
124Brockbank ChloeClenagh Hill Black Velvet11.12
155Burt LaurenHuey16.05
162Callison PhoebeBallyclough Judy15.58
115Cannon SonyaMakuto14.14
144Champion NickyStarletts Folly11.06
102Chappell KirstyWhitehawk Dun a Deal9.4210.24
135Coleman AimieSlay Pitts Kizzy12.1712.50
108Cooke PamelaBarney14.4015.25
134Corpe EllieLady11.25
142Corpe RubyLady10.40
153Cowdy SophieGFS Xanadu13.16
111Crosby IngaEarly One Morning10.5411.32
113Farmer LibbyAmerican Honey9.4810.36
148Foster LibbyBryn9.3010.30
101Galler ClaireKnockalla Princess11.0011.38
161Gander RhiannaWise Lord15.38
133Gladley KatieNumber Two Van Overis Z13.5514.21
149Gladley KatieGypsy12.2412.56
127Heath VictoriaFinlay11.3011.58
109Holdcroft KatiePine Fever11.5412.24
116Hopkins LilyTime 2 Tango12.0612.43
126Ioannou DanielleSunrise13.35
143Jones JuliaPatch II14.4715.32
151Justice HollieOk Mister13.42
154Justice HollieTullamore Dew III15.45
150Justice SophieOk Mister12.50
152Kelso BethanyCappamore Silver Wisp10.12
146Lamprell SarahMiss Tilly11.3612.04
110Langley TeresaToy Boy13.42
131Lawson JackieCrescent Island13.1614.33
160Major HollyMikey10.53
130Millington-Brodie MaureenApollo VII12.56
120Milton JaneParkhill 1814.2115.12
121Morris JuliaSteady Eddy13.48
114Moss VictoriaGerton11.4212.1112.37
103Osbourne VanessaPippa Longstockings13.48
147Palmer EllieSerena11.18
129Parrot TillyFairly Katrina9.5410.42
132Patrick SuzannahApollo VII14.2715.06
118Phillips GeraldineMistral Moonstar14.47
119Phillips GeraldineIce Breaker III15.51
138Rayner HeatherRio XI12.3013.03
137Salmon MichelleHadoura ZB10.59
140Smith AbigailMagical Maisie Moo11.12
158Smith KateDream Shaddow13.55
106Staal DawnApache VII13.35
128Stephens JoanneBryncannol 24-7 14.2715.19
159Stokes LaurenBryn10.0010.48
125Strutt KatieMuckrim Doireann12.0012.30
107Terry RebeccaRS Felledge Daisy12.3713.09
112Usvola AnetteDeseado14.0114.34
156Vandervleit LauraBurrywood Chess16.1116.20
122Vooght LauraShannon's Star11.24
145Wainwright BeckyKiron Jacobite14.0114.59
157Wichham LauraKiedis14.08
139Wills VickiColin10.46
123Wren LaurenCameo9.3610.18