Dressage shows

Dressage Shows

Incl BD Team / My Quest


Please use date of show and rider surname as a reference when making a bank transfer.

Do not forget to include both your BD Number and your Horses BD number if entering Team/My Quest

Start times displayed at the bottom of this page Wed / Thur Evening (8pm ish) prior to show.


20 May / 24 June / 15 July / 19 August

Entry Fees

Individual Rider – £12 per test
Team / My Quest Tests £15per test

You DO NOT need to be a BD Team/My Quest participant – any class may be entered as an individual Rider.

Please state if you are a Junior for our league purposes – (UNDER 16 on 1.1.18)

British Dressage
British Dressage


20 May 1824 Jun 1815 Jly 1819 Aug 18
Class 1Team Q U21Intro CIntro AIntro BIntro C
Class 2Team Quest OpenIntro CIntro AIntro BIntro C
Class 3My Quest U21Intro BIntro CIntro AIntro B
Class 4My Quest OpenIntro BIntro CIntro AIntro B
Class 5Team Quest U21Prelim 2Prelim 7Prelim 12Prelim 1
Class 6Team Quest OpenPrelim 2Prelim 7Prelim 12Prelim 1
Class 7My Quest U21Prelim 13Prelim 14Prelim 18Prelim 12
Class 8My Quest OpenPrelim 13Prelim 14Prelim 18Prelim 12
Class 9Team Quest U21Novice 28Novice 24Novice 27Novice 28
Class 10Team Quest OpenNovice 28Novice 24Novice 27Novice 28
Class 11My Quest U21Novice 27Novice 28Novice 30Novice 34
Class 12My Quest OpenNovice 27Novice 28Novice 30Novice 34
Class 13OpenElem 50Elem 42Elem 44Elem 50
Class 14OpenElem 42Elem 44Elem 42Elem 44

Unaffiliated Dressage – Including BD Team Quest / My Quest

  • All Unaffiliated tests are current British Dressage tests.
  • All Classes will be placed overall and Split
    • Junior (UNDER 16 on 1st January 2018) This is for our League (BD classes are automatically split Under 18 and Open)
    • Open
  • Unaffiliated tests £12 per test (this includes automatic entry into the HPF 2018 Dressage league).
  • BD Team / My Quest tests £15 per test.
  • If ENTERING ON LINE  please use date of show and rider name as reference for bank transfer payments.
  • For Postal entries please enclose cheques payable to HPFRC and allow 2 extra days
  • To be Judged/Scored in accordance British Dressage Rules.


START TIMES for Sunday 20th May 2018

Prelim 2 / Novice 28 / Novice 27 will be in the outdoor arena

Intro C / Intro B / Prelim 13 will be in the Indoor Arena



NoRiderHorseIntro CIntro BPrelim 2Prelim 13Novice 28Novice 27Elem 50
159Alderton GraceTinker10.33
173Banbury EmmaBubbles Delight11.19
119Baxter JeanetteBillich11.1213.55
141Birchall IzzyLady Geneva10.27
101Bowyer PamAlvescott Maximum Power11.45
148Brockbank ChloeGlenagh Hill Black Velvet10.1811.30
152Buchan AmeliaShanbally Bud9.18
114Burdis EmmaHolly Park Cannon14.4015.32
162Burnside MaisyStorm13.06
150Callison PhoebeBallyclough Judy10.40
126Cannon SonyaMakuto12.4212.04
106Cates LaurenAusdan Ekstrem13.1214.14
116Clarke AlexandraHootch14.08
170Cole MichelleTemple Ochio Rios13.2914.47
140Coleman AimeeSlay Pits Kizzy10.3611.48
163Coppen GemmaPaddy12.17
166Cornish PhoebeSmartie Boy13.42
158Corpe RubyLady9.06
142Darnell AliceRio III10.53
113Gainsford ParisOakleigh Temple14.3415.25
139Garner RebeccaA Shot at Love9.12
136Gladley KatieGypsy10.2411.36
175Grossman Anita?16.30
125Harrison CarolGood Golly P13.1814.21
168Haynes MelanieQuainton Serenity13.1614.27
129Hoggar AmyVerante14.4715.38
124Hopkins KatieLaced to Perfection12.54
172Howland AnnieBigfoot13.4215.19
128Hutton CarolineRhyfeddol Archie13.5515.32
164Jennings AdellePaddy14.21
154Justice HollieTullamore Dew III12.2415.58
153Justice SophieBraveheart III11.12
169Kehoe CaronDisaronno13.2214.40
118King RosieTemple Lacetti10.00
115Ladbury LizBenson12.43
131Leffman AmyBryn13.3014.0114.34
161Major HollyMikey12.48
130McElarney LolaBryn10.4211.54
143Mepham RachelMoonlight Chacoa12.3016.04
107Milton JaneParkhill 1815.4516.17
111Moss VictoriaBert11.0612.1813.0314.0814.27
132Neale AmandaBobby Viii13.4815.25
137Newell CharlieTyrmeddich Tim10.3011.42
133Nicholls GemmaSwanhill Hydref10.59
110Norton SueMowgli10.1211.24
135Oxford LouiseSwanhill Hydref9.42
117Pannell MazieTowerlanze Jack of Diamonds13.24
103Patchcott TinaWolkendance14.14
120Pattinson TracyTemple Lacetti11.06
156Rayner HeatherAlletta Doutzen B12.3716.11
121Robinson RubtyRendene Tinkerbelle13.00
155Salmon MichelleHadoura ZB11.0012.12
171Scowen KirstyOliver9.36
102Shaw SarahMadison Bay11.51
160Smith AbigailTigger12.3611.58
144Smith KateDream Shaddow12.11
105Sparkes HayleyHeliodor15.58
145Stingemore EliseRio III11.25
104Surridge AlisonGoretaree Billy13.36
112Tappin LillyMinstrel VI13.3515.12
122Taylor MandyQuilliam Houtiere13.09
108Thurgood AliceElizabeth12.24
109Thurgood AliceEBA Cinamon9.30
123Todman PaulaMars15.38
151Travers HarrisonTinker9.24
146Travers NikkiOzzy10.46
174Turner SamCedrick9.00
134Wakelin RobynRodney IV10.4812.00
149Ward RachelRhencullen Pricilla9.48
138Weedon SophiaRuby11.1814.01
127Wells JacquiG F Falcon14.5915.45
147Willis MaddieMajor Golds Promise10.5412.06
157Wills VickiTerrisc Glory9.54
165Wilson LisaGodshill Clover 15.0615.51
167Wright LucyPentreisaf Tywysog15.51