Dog shows

Dog Shows


Sunday 3rd December 2017

To be held either in the Indoor Arena.

Registration from 12.00 Classes start 13.00

  • Rosettes to 6th Place
  • Novelty Classes

Entries on the day only. All Entry frees go to St. Clare Hospice.

General Rules

  1. Dogs must be kept on a lead at ALL times.
  2. All droppings must be picked up.
  3. Strictly no admittance to Livery Yard.
  4. Judges Decision is Final.


Class 1
Fancy Dress Class Best dressed combination£2.00
Class 2
Best Pedigree£2.00
Class 3Best Veteran (7 years and over)£2.00
Class 4Best Puppy (6 months or younger)£2.00
Class 5Best Crossbreed£2.00
Class 6
Scruffiest Dog (or Bitch)£2.00
Class 7Best Rescue Dog (or Bitch)£2.00
Class 8Best Odd Couple (2 dogs)£2.00
Class 92 Dogs most alike£2.00
Class 10Junior Handling (up to 15 years)£2.00
Class 11Handsomest Dog£2.00
Class 12Prettiest Bitch£2.00
Class 13
Dog (or Bitch) in best condition£2.00
Class 14
Dog with the waggiest tail£2.00
Class 15
Dog the Judge would most like to take home (but won’t)£2.00
Class 16
Best Mover£2.00
Class 17Best Long Coat£2.00
Class 18Best Short Coat£2.00
Class 19
Best in Show—Open to all who have been placed 1st in any class
Class 20
Small Dog Agility Small obstacle course—fastest time£4.00
Class 21
Large Dog Agility Small obstacle course—fastest time£4.00