Childrens shows

Children’s Shows

Tuesday 2 October 2020

Please note that we will be incorporating a children’s ring in our main Summer Showing Show Schedules

Halloween Special


Chiltern & Thames Rider

Showing Classes – 9.30am start, £7 (£1 extra on day)

Class 1
Best Conditioned in Hand—Open to any Mare/Gelding height / age Plaited/Un-plaited
Class 2
Best Child Handler - In Hand Class
Sect a) children under 10 on 01/01/19
Sect b) children under 14 by 01/01/19 but over 10
Class 3Best Turned Out — Ridden class. Horse/pony any height. On or off Lead rein. Any suitable bit.

Class 4Lead Rein Pony— Ponies not exceeding 122cm (12hh) Child to be 10 or under on 1/9/19
Class 5Beginners First Ridden -Ponies not exceeding 128cm (12.2) child to be 12 or under on 1/9/19
Class 6
First Ridden—Ponies not exceeding 128cm (12.2hh). Child to be 12 or under on 1/9/19
Class 7Fancy Dress—Horse/pony any height. No Stallions. MUST BE ON LEAD REIN.
Class 8
Best Rider—Horse/pony any height, type and age. No Lead Rein. Any suitable bit Child to be under 16 on 1/9/19

Clear Round Jumping – 11am to 12 noon,  £4 per round (entry on day only)

Starting with X pole jumping

Jumping Classes – Approx 1pm start, £6 (£1 extra on day)

Class 9
Play Time (X pole) jump the round, dismount then on foot through a small obstacle course and ring the playtime bell (split 10 years and Under / Over 10 )
Class 10
P E Jump ‘n’ Leg It
X Pole Jumping—Jump the round dismount then jump the jump off course on . (Split 10 years and Under / over 10)
Class 11Pop the Cross
Cross Pole Jumping—fastest clear wins
(Split Lead Rein)
Class 12Mini Minimus
45cm 2 phase Jumping (Split Lead Rein)
Class 13Minimus 60 cm
60cm—2 phase Jumping. Combinations not to have won any jumping competitions 2.6” or over.
Class 14Novice 70 cm
70cm - 2 Phase Jumping. Horse / Pony not to have any BSJA money.

Due to the inconsistency of entries we have decided to run a showing championship at the end of each show rather than run a league.

Postal entries close Monday before the show.