Childrens shows

Children’s Shows

Tuesday 27 October 2020


We will accept entries for extra classes on the day.

All Showing Classes held in the indoor arena

Jumping classes held in the outdoor arena

Please note covid restrictions published on the Home page

Chiltern & Thames Rider

Showing Classes – 9.30am start, All Showing Classes £7 per class (MUST BE PRE ENTERED )

Class 1
Best Conditioned in Hand—Open to any Mare/Gelding height / age Plaited/Un-plaited
Class 2
Best Child Handler - In Hand Class
Sect a) children under 10 on 01/01/20
Sect b) children under 14 by 01/01/20 but over 10
Class 3Best Turned Out — Ridden class. Horse/pony any height. On or off Lead rein. Any suitable bit.

Class 4Lead Rein Pony— Ponies not exceeding 122cm (12hh) Child to be 10 or under on 1/9/20
Class 5Beginners First Ridden -Ponies not exceeding 128cm (12.2) child to be 12 or under on 1/9/20
Class 6
First Ridden—Ponies not exceeding 128cm (12.2hh). Child to be 12 or under on 1/9/20
Class 7Fancy Dress—Horse/pony any height. No Stallions. MUST BE ON LEAD REIN.
Class 8
Best Rider—Horse/pony any height, type and age. No Lead Rein. Any suitable bit Child to be under 16 on 1/9/20

Clear Round Jumping – 11am to 12 noon,  £4 per round (entry on day only)

Starting with X pole jumping

Jumping Classes – Approx 1pm start, £6 (£1 extra on day)

Class 9
Play Time (X pole) jump the round, dismount then on foot through a small obstacle course and ring the playtime bell (split 10 years and Under / Over 10 )
Class 10
P E Jump ‘n’ Leg It
X Pole Jumping—Jump the round dismount then jump the jump off course on . (Split 10 years and Under / over 10)
Class 11Pop the Cross
Cross Pole Jumping—fastest clear wins
(Split Lead Rein)
Class 12Mini Minimus
45cm 2 phase Jumping (Split Lead Rein)
Class 13Minimus 60 cm
60cm—2 phase Jumping. Combinations not to have won any jumping competitions 2.6” or over.
Class 14Novice 70 cm
70cm - 2 Phase Jumping. Horse / Pony not to have any BSJA money.

Due to the inconsistency of entries we have decided to run a showing championship at the end of each show rather than run a league.

Entries close Monday before the show.