Showing shows

Showing Shows


25th June / 23rd July

Entry Fees

  • All Classes £10
  • Entries on day £2 extra per class
  • Entries close Monday prior to show
  • Ridden classes on a surface – In Hand classes held either in the show paddock or indoor school depending upon weather

All riders who want to be eligible to qualify must be C&T Rider Members Memberships can be purchased on line . Qualification cards must be produced on the day for the judge to sign.

Classes with sections will only be split if entries warrant.  Judges decision is final. The criteria for  society championships may vary to that specified in this schedule, please ensure that you are eligible to enter the specific championship should you qualify.

Chiltern & Thames Rider

In Hand Classes – 9am

Class 1NoviceFor people starting out in showing
Class 2YoungstockYearlings, Two Year Olds & Three Year Olds - any breed C&T
Class 3Best ConditionedOpen to all Horses / PoniesC&T/ST
Class 4M & M Section a) Large Breeds - Welsh C&D, Highland, Fell, Dales Connemara, New ForestC&T/ST/EF
Section b( Small Breeds - Welsh A&B, Shetland, Exmoor, Dartmoor.
Class 5ColouredSection a) Skewbald / Piebald/Tri ColouredC&T/ST/EF
Section b) Odd Colours- Palomino, Dunn, Appaloosas, Roan, Spots, Paints, Creams
Class 6VeteranOpen to any Horse / Pony 15 Years & OverC&T/ST
Class 7Heavy / Driving TypeOpen to any Horse /Pony to typeC&T
Class 8Riding Horse/Show Pony Open to any Horse /Pony to type Split if entries warrant.C&T
Class 9Cob / Maxi Cob/TraditionalSplit Under 155 cm / Over 155cm if entries warrant. May be shown Plaited/Unplaited/HoggedST
Class 10Show Hunter Horse/PonySplit Horse /Pony if entries warrantC&T/ST
Class 11Foreign BreedsMixed breeds - Warmbloods, Arab, non-native breedsC&T/ST
Class 12Society Qualifying ClassDifferent class per show - see below
Class 12May Hand Hand Part BredST
JuneIn Hand MinatureST
JulyTGCA a) Youngstock - any sex 1-3 year old b) In Hand 4 years plus - any sex, heightST

Ridden Classes – 9am

Class 13Working Hunter To jump course 70cm. To be judged 60% Jumping 40% conformation/manneers. Split Horse/Pony if entries warrant. C&T/ST
Class 14Riding Club Horse / PonyTo Make a good all rounder for Riding Club activities - To jump a small jump 55 cm. Split Horse/Pony if entries warrant.C&T/ST
Class 15Lead ReinPonies can be shown Plaitted / Un-plaitted depending upon type. Riders must be over 3 but not to have reached their 10th Birthday on 1.1.17C&T/ST/EF
Class 16NoviceA walk and trot showing class for novices. Split horse/pony if entries warrant. Not to have previously won a showing calss. No Lead Rein.C&T/ST
Class 17First RiddenPonies not exceeding 128cm. Can be shown plaited/un plaited depending upon type. Riders not to have reached their 12th Birthday on 1.1.17C&T/ST/EF
Class 18Ridden Show PonyPonies 122cm or over but not exceeding 148cm. Open to mares and geldings.C&T/ST/EF
Class 19Ridden M&MSection a) Large Breeds—Welsh C&D, Highland, Fell, Dales, Connemara, New ForestC&T/ST /EF
Section b) Small Breeds—Welsh A&B, Shetland, Exmoor, Dartmoor. NO LEAD REIN
Class 20Society Qualifying ClassDifferent class per show - see below
Class 21VeteranOpen to any horse/pony aged 15 and over - No Lead ReinC&T/ST
Class 22ColouredSection a) Skewbald / Piebald/Tri ColouredC&T/ST /EF
Section b) Odd Colours- Palomino, Dunn, Appaloosas, Roan, Spots, Paints, Creams
Class 23Cob Maxi CobSplit Under 155 cm / Over 155cm if entries warrant. May be shown Plaited/Unplaited/HoggedC&T/ST /EF
Class 24Riding Horse / HackSplit Horse/Pony if entries warrant. ST
Class 25Ridden HunterOpen to horses 153cm (15hh) and over - No jumpC&T/ST /EF
Class 20MayRidden Part BredST
JuneRehabilitated Race HorseC&T
JulyTGCA - Ridden , Open to any sex, any heightTGCA
C&T - Chiltern & Thames Rider - ST - Sunshine Tour - EF - Equifest - TGCA Traditional Gypsy Cob Assoc.
TGCA TOYS In Hand and Ridden Classes . These classes are qualifiers for the Best of Breed Finals at the Traditional Gypsy Cob Association's (TGCA) National Breed Championships Show "TOYS". Classes are open to all traditional gypsy cobs. Top three in each class qualify. In open height classes, top three in small and large sections qualify. Stallions - All stallions (four years and over) in order to enter any TGCA affiliated class MUST have their TGCA stallion disc displayed on their bridle. Existing TGCA members must present their qualification card to the judge in the ring for signature. Non members will receive a qualification card from the judge and will have 21 days to join the TGCA and to register their horse to validate the qualification. Please refer to for further details including membership, horse registration and showing rules (contained within the members handbook) TGCA Quest for a Star Championship 1st, 2nd and 3rd from the TGCA classes may go forward to the Quest for a Star Championship, provided they are current TGCA members and the horse is TGCA registered. Membership cards and qualification cards (specific to the exhibit) must be presented upon entry into the ring. The Champion and Reserve quailify for the Ultimate Star Championships at TOYS.