Dressage shows

Dressage Shows

Incl Pony Club Dengie Qualifying Classes


Please use date of show and rider surname as a reference when making a bank transfer.

Start times displayed at the bottom of this page Wed / Thur Evening (8pm ish) prior to show.


10 September / 8 October / 19 November

Entry Fees

Individual Rider – £12 per test
Pony Club Tests £13 per test

Please do not forget to include your Pony Club if applicable

British Dressage
British Dressage


ClassLevel10 Sept8 Oct19 NovRestrictions
Class 1IntroIntro BIntro AIntro CNot to have won at Prelim more than 3 times
Class 2IntroIntro CIntro BIntro B
Class 3Warm Up PrelimPrelim 7Prelim 1Prelim 2Not to have won at Novice more than 3 times
Class 4PrelimPrelim 14Prelim 2Prelim 7
Class 5PrelimPrelim 18Prelim 13Prelim 18
Class 6Pony Club NovicePC NovicePC NovicePC NovicePony Club/Dengie Rules
Class 7Warm Up NoviceNovice 27Novice 24Novice 27Not to have won at Elem more than 3 times
Class 8NoviceNovice 30Novice 27Novice 28
Class 9NoviceNovice 34Novice 28Novice 30
Class 10Pony Club IntermediatePC InterPC InterPC InterPony Club/Dengie Rules
Class 11Open Elem 42Elem 44Elem 42Open to any combination
Class 12Open Elem 44Elem 50Elem 50
Class 13Pony Club OpenPC OpenPC OpenPC OpenPony Club/Dengie Rules

Unaffiliated Dressage – Including Dengie Pony Club Qualifying Classes

  • All Unaffiliated tests are current British Dressage tests.
  • All Classes will be placed overall and Split
    • Junior (UNDER 16 on 1st January 2017
    • Open
  • Unaffiliated tests £12 per test (this includes automatic entry into the HPF Dressage league).
  • Pony Club tests £13 per test.
  • If ENTERING ON LINE  please use date of show and rider name as reference for bank transfer payments.
  • For Postal entries please enclose cheques payable to HPFRC and allow 2 extra days
  • To be Judged/Scored in accordance British Dressage Rules.



SUNDAY 8th October 2017

Dressage Times Listed Below

All classes to be held in the indoor arena


NoRiderHorseClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class 6Class 7Class 8Class 9Class 10
107Atkinson TiaBlack Beauty10.0011.30
120Brockbank ChloeZiggy9.4211.12
136Burt LaurenMaddie11.48
137Burt LaurenIvy13.0613.19
143Callison PhoebeBally14.29
131Coleman AimieSlay Pits Kizzy9.3611.06
106Cook EmmaBlack Beauty9.3011.00
115Corpe EllieLady15.01
116Corpe RubyLady12.06
141Duer BethanyChocolate9.18
126Feltham ChristinaThomas12.3613.51
145Gheorghiu IsabelaCrawel Vandyke16.1716.5616.37
140Gibbs JoChocolate9.00
108Gilbert OliviaReevsgate Sweet 169.12
102Good MiaLittle Miss Tilly17.03
110Guilliland CharlotteRabid Radharc15.0715.45
101Harvey GailOscar10.1810.48
130Herring SamanthaForestgate Tine Tears12.5414.4215.32
104Hughes NiaSonyodor Sheila16.04
105Hughes NiaAshmeadow Angelica16.3016.50
122Kelso BethCappamore Silver Wisp14.2315.38
103Ladbury LizBenson12.00
133Law ZoeRio16.11
138MacBeath HollyBlue9.4811.18
128McComb CiaraRuby12.12
111Miles AaronRolex13.0013.32
112Moore HannahJack12.48
134Neale AmandaBobby10.2410.54
121Oxford LouiseSwannhill Hydreff9.2410.42
114Palmer HollieJack13.38
135Palmer SarahKrafty Boy Clover15.1315.51
117Powell MargaretExtreme Measure13.1213.26
118Powell MargaretLone Star12.2414.10
123Rochford LouisaErnie13.57
127Spencer-Jones LauraMedina15.2015.58
132Stingemore EliseLucien14.1614.48
124Taylor OllieRhulands White Diamond10.1211.42
125Taylor PaigeVexo16.2416.43
113Thoirs AlexWilliam12.30
109Thurgood AliceEBA Cinnamon12.4213.45
129Wakelin RobynRodney12.18
119White ChloeBarford Partytime14.0414.54
144Wilson NicoleLaurel10.0611.36
142Wolfe DolciePudding9.06
139Wray DarcyEcho9.5411.24